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Intern Testimonial


Michelle Yeung

"I have been working as a part-time analyst since last summer. I focused on building the venture capital effort and have screened over 50 start-ups which led me to successfully participate in closing a deal. Through attending these meetings with start-ups, I have learnt a lot about people’s vision for the future and their determination to transform the world into a better place. It’s incredible to see how passionate they are and these moments are what inspires me everyday to continue to work in this industry to support those who are putting in the effort to create a better future for humanity."


Helen Yeung

"I worked at Pollock Asset Management last summer and have been staying as a part-time ever since. Throughout the internship, I was building financial models, meeting companies, and even wrote my first python program to streamline data aggregation. Pollock's hands-on opportunities, mentorship, and entrepreneurial culture are all unparalleled."

Gavin Chung

"I was a summer investment analyst at Pollock in 2022, mainly assisting in research, investment write-ups, and due diligence in its venture capital fund and private credit fund. Throughout the summer, I gained exposure to screening potential deals and participating in investment meetings with private companies. I also assisted in closing two live deals including a venture capital investment as well as a private credit offering. I truly learned a lot at Pollock and I am deeply appreciative of the valuable opportunities and exposure provided to me as an intern at the firm."

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